This Webinar is Just for You: “Navigating Your Family Through the Pandemic”


Published On: January 5, 2022


Published On: January 5, 2022
Navigating Your Family Through the Pandemic

How is your family coping during the pandemic?  Life has not been easy in the last couple of years. The fear and uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 pandemic have affected people from all walks of life, including families; the relationship between husbands and wives and parents and children have been strained, and even those concerning work and friendships had their share of challenges. With the global health crisis, many youngsters and even adults have found themselves battling mental health issues.

In these trying times, parents have been doing what they can to help their children navigate this period and adjust as they face issues that may have no resolutions yet. As part of our mission to extend assistance to families across the globe, Family First Global is taking this opportunity to host a zoom meeting titled "Navigating Your Family through the Pandemic" this January 15, 2022 at 10:30 AM Hong Kong time, live via Zoom. This event will feature family-oriented professionals who will share their personal stories and advice in the hopes of guiding families through this difficult stage.

It's our great honor to introduce the Panel Speakers for this event:

Professor Wei-Jun Jean Yeung is the Provost-Chair Professor in the Department of Sociology at the National University of Singapore (NUS). She is the inaugural President of the Population Association of Singapore and the founding Director of the Center for Family and Population Research in NUS. Professor Yeung’s current research focuses on various family demographic issues in Asia. Her recent publications include changing family values and behavior, children's well-being, family policies in Asia, Asian fatherhood, and economic stress and families in Asia.

Mrs. Claire Nazar is a director of Kalco Law LLC, with more than 20 years of experience in corporate and commercial law. Claire and her husband Boaz are Master Trainers in the evidence-based marriage education programme known as the Prevention and Relationship Education Programme. She was also a Council Member of Families for Life Singapore (2012 - 2018).

Prof. Gregory Slayton, the Founder/Chairman of Fellowship of Fathers Foundation & Family First Global, is the global best-selling author of "Be A Better Dad Today". Professor Slayton studied fatherhood and leadership on five continents for more than 30 years. He also teaches Leadership courses at some of the finest Business schools in the world.

The moderators for this event:

Edric and Joy Mendoza are an amazing husband and wife team.  Edric is the Chairman of Homeschool Global. He is a popular figure in the personal finance industry, a business anchor of the Philippines' ABS-CBN New Channel (ANC) and is currently an anchor for digital platform PLUS Network. He also serves as a keynote speaker for various corporations.  Meanwhile, Joy is an accomplished author and blogger. Her notable works include best-selling book, "When a Good God Allows Rape" and award-winning blog "Teach with Joy". With her husband Edric, she has also written "Why You Should Homeschool".  Together, they hope to change the world, one family at a time.

Please join us next Saturday, January 15 and be blessed with new insights on parenting during the pandemic, live via Zoom.  Admission is free. Register early through this link as slots are limited: For inquiries, please email us at

We wish you a very blessed 2022.