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Alone, But Never Lonely


by Family First Global | 29 October 2020 

Raising a child is perhaps among the biggest and toughest responsibilities that one can have in their lifetime. While some are fortunate to be guiding their son or daughter with a spouse by their side, there are those who face the same challenge on their own, whether by choice or by circumstance. Being both a mom and a dad to kids may seem daunting but being able to see them grow up to be happy and healthy individuals will be all the more rewarding.

It Starts with You

Before molding their child into becoming the best that they can be, single parents must first work on being someone that their kid can look up to. Children tend to respond better to those who practice nurturing, warm, sensitive, responsible, and flexible parenting. This can be achieved when a single mom or dad feels confident about their child-rearing abilities, is concerned about being a good parent, accepts their flaws, and has a strong support system made up of friends and family. 

Doing Things Together

As much as children need the love and care of a parent, a single mom or dad can also receive the same kind of affection that completes the whole experience of having a family. Here are some ways to build a positive relationship with children as a single parent:

1. Make Everyday Moments Special

Spending quality time with children doesn’t have to take place in an expensive cruise or out-of-the country trip. Conversations over meals, bedtime stories, singing in the car, getting dirty while tending to the garden together and laughing about it – these are ordinary yet impactful memories that are no less lasting and meaningful than extravagant ones.

2. Get Involved

Being supportive of your child’s interests is good, but being able to do the things that your kids love with them is even better! Take them on in a friendly sporting match, exchange thoughts on a book that you both read, or accompany them to a concert of their favorite music artist to nurture their passion and foster your relationship as parent and child, too.

3. Embrace them with warmth

Don’t be afraid to express just how much you love your child through your actions. Smile, laugh, and hug your kid whenever possible. Be that mom or dad that your kid can look forward to seeing when they wake up in the morning or after a long day at school. 

4. Acknowledge Their Achievements

We’re not just talking about getting into the honor roll or learning a new skill over the summer break. Praise your child even for small actions that require a lot of courage, such as opening up about their feelings.

A Parting Note

Remember that as a single parent, it is your positive attitude, strength, and determination that will help you succeed. Take this as an opportunity to show your child that it’s possible to move forward even when the odds are not in your favor. When you are down, don’t punish yourself for it. Instead, embrace your imperfections, learn from the downfalls, and get up ten times stronger.   


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