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How we can serve together

Helping local communities make a positive difference through families is vital to the success of our work. You can collaborate with us in one of three ways: Operational Partner, Leadership Partner, and/ or Financial Partner. We welcome partnership inquires or proposals from organizations that value the importance of marriage and family.

To discuss a potential partnership with us, please email to: hello@familyfirstglobal.org

Partner with us

Financial partner

All Family First nations are non-profit, service-oriented organisations that exist to serve, support and strengthen family of all backgrounds. Do join us as a financial partner in this worthy cause.

Program partner

We work with government agencies, non-profit and for-profit to support all those that desire to achieve healthy work life balance.

Organisation Partners

All our national partners are passionate about building strong families. Your helping hand might be exactly what is needed to make a difference in your community! Connect with us to find out how to be part of the Family First team!

Some of our partner programs :

Parenting Workshop

One of Family First Taiwan’s signature programs is their Parenting Workshop called “Dads Club” – which bring fathers together into small groups to share, interact and encourage one another as men, as husbands and as dads. Many men in Taiwan – as in most nations – don’t have a safe place where they can share with other men the joys and trials of life. The FFT’s Dads Club give men these safe havens of understanding, encouragement and sharing; helping them to be better fathers, better husbands and better men. Leveraging on our experienced and collaborative local teams, we are able to impart practical skills and strong values to strengthen your community regardless of size.

Family First Taiwan 

Training & Equipping Program

Family First Philippines (Pamilya Muna Pilipinas) is working on nationwide programs with both the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Over the next 3 years every one of the 191,000 members of the PNP will participate in a FFP training program to help them grow as police officers, as leaders of their families, and as men.  It is estimated that the average police officer in the Philippines touches approximate 500 families per year directly, so this training program could benefit many millions of Filipino families over time.

Family First Philippines

Marketplace Coaching

Worldwide, many executives struggle to succeed on the business and family fronts. All too often balance is lost – and disaster results. FFM’s CEO Couples Club is a mentoring program for younger executives by seasoned leaders who have learned the secrets of achieving success on both the work front and family front. Couples are mentored intensively for a year and in return move on to mentor others while remaining in close touch with their original mentors. FFM hopes to serve many thousands of Malaysian executive families via the CEO Couples Club in the coming years.

Family First Malaysia

Partner with us. Here’s how…


Family First is a service organisation.

FFG values the power of good partnerships. We partner with like-minded organizations that value the importance of strong marriages and happy families to bring onboard additional expertise or resources to help their members. We serve along with some of the largest government, corporate and non-profit organizations in Asia to achieve greater success on the family front and work front.

To discuss a potential partnership with us, please email to:


Volunteer with our partner countries

Impact with our programs


Support our work

Every Family First nation is strictly a non-profit service organization. In that spirit, our national leaders serve on a pro-bono basis, contributing their time, expertise and often financial resources to expanding the work. We ensure that every donation given to any one of our Family First nation goes directly to helping families through proven, high-impact service programs. 


Credit Cards

Every Dollar Counts!

Your support has tremendous impact. Every dollar that comes from the US is matched at least 2:1 and as much as 9:1 by our Family First national partners. On average, your gift is multiplied 7X by local donors in Asia. FFG guarantees that 100% of your donation goes to actual program work to benefit families. Our Board in the United States covers all overhead cost, and ensures that cost are kept to the absolute minimum.

Family First Global is a US 501(c)(3) organisation registered under the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation (FoFF)

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Giving is an important part of life, so start your cycle of blessing today!

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Email: hello@familyfirstglobal.org

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Excellence in Giving recognizes Transparency when charities share more data about governance, finances, strategy, and impact than the IRS requires.

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ECFA serves as a financial accountability partner to ministries who voluntarily seek accreditation and continue to faithfully demonstrate their commitment to ECFA’s high standards.

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