Board of Directors

Family First Global is a partnership of equals. No country or region is more important than another. We work together in partnership to share programs and approaches that are working well. The FFG Board is comprised of the Chairs and Co-Chairs of each Family First country and region. We carefully consider all points of view before moving forward and try to make all major decisions on a unanimous basis. We meet as a Team annually at Family First Summits where all FFG members are also invited.

Prof. Gregory Slayton

Founder & Chairman, FFG

Mr. Glenn Yu

President, FFG Philippines


Mr. Handi Irawan D.

Chairman, FFG Indonesia


Mr. Ardian Kristanto

Board Member, FFG Indonesia

Dr. Grace Sumbillo

National Director, FFG Philippines

Bishop Noel Pantoja

Chairman, FFG Philippines

Dr. Raj Bhatti

Chairman & Board Member, FFG Pakistan

Pastor Kevin Graves

National Director, FFG Singapore

Mr. Masato Ito

Chairman, FFG Japan

Mr. Keisha Kasuya

Vice Chairman, FFG Japan

Mr. John Thang

Chairman, FFG Myanmar

Rev. Robby Chandra

Board Member, FFG Indonesia