an integrated approach to maximise your family & work life

Our Approach

Workshops & Seminars

Our expert Family Facilitators & Trainers promote interactive & fun family learning journeys, providing families with practical ideas & effective programs.


We train qualified individuals to become expert Family Facilitators or Family Trainers to positively impact families in their workplaces, schools or communities. Our Train-the-Trainer programs equip individuals to use effective tools & conduct Family First courses.


Our Coaching & Mentoring programs help qualified individuals obtain skills to journey with others who are struggling in their marriages or with their children. Trained Family Coaches & Mentors play a vital role in every community & nation.

Media Outreach

We utilise a variety of media tools & platforms to reach large numbers of families, raising banners of hope & encouragement while giving parents & couples proven solutions to help with their specific challenges.


The 7F Strategy


We believe when employees are happy, it shows. A positive home atmosphere will in turn impact the working environment.

The 7Fs are Faith, Fulfillment, Fitness, Fun, Finance, Family Relationship & Friends.

The 7F Wheel!


End Goal –
To Strengthen Family

Starting with “Fitness” the subject matter deepens as the training progresses.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are trained for each “F”.

The Ten Tools of Fatherhood

Adapted from #1 National Bestseller, Be a Better Dad Today provides practical & proven fatherhood tool set to equip you to be the best parent you can be!

F – Family First/Family Fun
A – All in Marriage
T – True Moral Compass/True Humility
H – Heartfelt Love
E – Empowering Servant Leadership
R – Relationship Tools that Work
H – Holistic Living
O – Other Good Dads
O – Optimistic, Never Surrender Attitude
D – Dynamic, Whole Person Support


What I’ve learned from the seminar is everything I AM NOT DOING as a father based on the ‘10 Tools of Fatherhood’, but after learning the 10 tools, I commit to apply them in my family.

– Remundo Gepila, Family first philippines


“Be The Best Mom You Can Be”

Through many years of tested faith, and her close walk with God, Marina Slayton has written this amazing book to help guide mothers through today’s often times impossible expectations.

“Be A Better Dad Today”

Be a Better Dad Today! is a global bestseller for a reason: it’s one of the best books on fatherhood you will ever read. Warmly endorsed by dozens of America’s best-known and most respected fathers.

“Maximum Marriage”

Can you build your marriage into a Maximum Marriage? Impossible? We strongly believe, based on decades of research and personal experience, that the answer is a resounding yes indeed.