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“Be a Better Dad Today” Goes to Japan

Global Best-Selling Book Now Available in Japanese

Published: June 17, 2021


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This year’s Father’s Day is gearing up to be extra special for dads in Japan, with the Japanese version of “Be a Better Dad Today: 10 Tools Every Father Needs” hitting the shelves of the country’s best booksellers this June 20, 2021.


Through the concerted efforts of the Family First Japan translation team, the Japanese version of the global bestseller was brought to life in crisp detail for every Japanese father. The project was helmed by Family First Japan’s National Coordinator Mr. Hiroshige Kobayashi, who has over five years of parental counselling, seminar, and workshop experience in Japan under his belt.


“’Be a Better Dad Today’ is a global bestseller for good reason. Its timeless truths are helpful for all fathers, and it is written in a down-to-earth, fun-to-read style,” shares Mr. Masato Ito, Chairman of Family First Japan. “Best of all, it has a ‘Put It to Work’ section at the end of every chapter that can help every father improve his skills in key areas of fatherhood. We hope this book will be a tremendous blessing to all readers and their families.”


For his part, Vice Chairman of Family First Japan Mr. Keishi Kasuya echoes the sentiment that the book is a must-have for fathers. “This is an excellent book for all Japanese fathers, and it is also a good Father’s Day gift for dads. The outstanding list of well-known Japanese and US fathers who have warmly endorsed the book is further testimony to its power,” wrote Mr. Kasuya.


The Japanese version of “Be a Better Dad Today” comes with a new forward by Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel Corporation. This further cements the book as a valuable tool for all executive dads – definitely worthy of any time that they can spare in-between responsibilities in the workplace and at home.

The Japanese version of “Be a Better Dad Today” is titled 働き方改革より父親改革 and is available worldwide on Amazon ( As is true for all versions of “Be a Better Dad Today”, 100% of all royalties will be given to non-profit charities supporting fatherhood, family, and faith.