Family First

New Year, New Family?

What to Consider Before Starting a Family



photo c/o @thehustlingmama



A new year offers a fresh start to people, and for happily married couples, it can even be a sign to step into new territory: Parenthood. Making a decision to start a family is a lifelong commitment, and it will involve not just you and your spouse, but also your future children. It may warrant critical decision-making and planning, but going through the process will definitely be worth it, especially once you see your kids filled with happiness and contentment.


When should a couple start a family? As soon as possible, it seems! A study on realizing a desired family size done back in 2015 provides some insights on the best time to start a family. The findings suggest that for at least a 90% chance to realize a one-child family, couples should begin trying to conceive when the female partner is 35 years of age or younger. For those who want more than one child, they must do so earlier — at 27 for a two-child family, and 23 for three children.


Before you and your spouse venture into a new phase in your married life, it’s important to discuss several factors that will be impacted by this action. It is recommended to go through each one, so you and your better half are prepared for this exciting chapter!



Changing Lifestyles.

Taking care of another member of the family, especially one who would greatly rely on each of you, would mean lifestyle adjustments that would allow you to devote an appropriate amount of time and attention to your kid. Come together and discuss topics such as faith, discipline, and even diet, and determine what needs to change to cater to the needs of each member of your family.



Managing Expectations.

Be prepared for surprises! Get into a thorough physical check-up to find out if you are fit to conceive a child, or get advice to be in top shape for it. Whether you are blessed with one baby, twins or even triplets, be grateful, as every child is truly a wonderful blessing. Commit to raising them to be the best that they can be, to the best of your abilities.



Affirming Resolve.

Ask yourselves this question: “Why do I want to have a baby?” As a couple, your desire to have children should go beyond instinct. Becoming a parent will be as difficult as it is rewarding, so you have to be very sure that it is what you want, and not what you think you’re supposed to do.



Saving for the Future.

Every parent aims to provide their children with a good life and a bright future. As such, it’s important to have some money set aside for basic necessities such as a home, food on the table, and education. As long as you and your spouse are working together towards your common goal, this shouldn’t be a challenge that is hard to overcome.