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Being Present For The Future

by Family First Global | 08 October 2020

The Importance of a Father’s Presence in His Child’s Life

A father is often perceived to be the impregnable foundation of the home. He is expected to cater to the needs of his family and pave the way for a bright future for all of them. However, some fathers take their role too seriously – to the point that they become too immersed in work and, in the process, lose time and energy to nurture relationships at home.

While the intention behind it may make sense, a good dad should know how to maintain work-life balance to still be present in his children’s lives, especially during their formative years. Here are four benefits that a kid can get when they establish a robust emotional bond with their father:

1. A Heightened Level of Intellect.

Playing sports in the backyard or going out on hikes may be merely pleasurable activities on the surface, but fathers who influence their children to lead an active lifestyle can actually help them develop better cognition, a keen sense of curiosity, and a thirst for exploration. Children raised by active dads tend to excel academically and are less likely to drop out of school or commit juvenile crimes.

2. A Bolder Perspective on Life.

To kids, securing emotional support from their dads means the world. Knowing that they are loved, valued, and guided every step of the way by their father allow children to experience more happy moments. This can also lead to higher levels of self-esteem that will make kids capable of better processing emotions such as fear and frustration. This will come in handy as they encounter changing situations and environments.

3. A Role Model.

One motivating factor for a father to be his best self is knowing that his son or daughter is taking after him. When done right, this can promote or reinforce good behaviors, and will empower the child to be more sociable and less impulsive in dealing with problems. A father who exemplifies the qualities of a good citizen can teach children to become more compassionate, generous, and sensitive to others around them.

4. A Wider Worldview.

Being present to satisfy the natural curiosity of his children can help dads provide kids with a fresh take on various topics that interest them. When a crisis arises, it is ideal for a father to be there with the kids to help them get through it. Overcoming challenges and seeing how their dad solved it first-hand will inspire the child to think on their toes and utilize resources available to them as they go through life. 

Some believe that people have to make sacrifices for the greater good. To dads out there – if you’re considering to cut quality time with your children over other matters, take a moment and consider how this might affect your kids in the long run. Holding their hands while you and your child both weather the storms of their young lives will not only save them during those moments, but also in countless others to come as they walk down their chosen paths.

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