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Choosing Family and Career

Life as a Working Mom

by Family First Global | 12 November 2020

Photo Credit: don Emmert, Getty Images and CNN

In 2018, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made waves by bringing her baby to the United Nations General Assembly. It was a powerful statement not just to her fellow legislators but also to regular moms across the globe – proof that a woman can be a mother, whether she’s tending to her family at home, managing a business, or running an entire country.

For some women, it is a struggle pursuing a career while being a hands-on mom that they end up choosing one over the other. As a result, some settle for less than what they know they are capable of. They feel regretful for being successful in their line of work yet absent in the lives of their children, or left wondering about what could have been if only they pursued their career goals.

It may be a bit more challenging, but it is possible for women to thrive at work and at home. Finding the perfect balance in juggling responsibilities is key.

1. Make every second count.

Develop a great time management strategy that allows you to maximize periods where you are largely unoccupied. For instance, prepare your children’s stuff for school before going to bed, so you won’t have to multitask when you get up the following morning. Make this a routine so it would be easier for you to follow through.

2. Determine what matters.

If you don’t want to miss your child’s milestones due to an important meeting that you have to attend, plan ahead. Draw up a calendar of activities and make sure that no family activity will get in the way of critical work appointments, and vice versa. Communicate with your business partners and your children’s teachers so you can stay on top of things.

3. Work fast, work smart.

Being efficient at your job results to finishing your tasks on time, or even earlier. Without having to render overtime, this paves the way for more opportunities to bond with your family at home. These are moments that simply cannot be bought with extra hourly wage.

4. Make your presence felt.

It’s not enough to be in the same space as your family. When you’re with your children, give them your undivided attention. Close your work computer, log off social media, and be in the moment. This will also allow you to identify subtle changes in your kids, and what you need to do to further their development.

Being a working mom is twice as hard. That said, so you should dedicate some time for personal leisure. Treat yourself to simple luxuries and experiences. Whether it’s a nice set of clothes or a staycation in a nice hotel in the countryside, don’t forget to give yourself a much-deserved reward for all the things that you do for your company, your family, and yourself.

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