Having a Baby: A Catalyst, Not a Liability

How Motherhood Can Give Your Career a Boost


Published On: September 23, 2021


Published On: September 23, 2021
Having a Baby: A Catalyst, Not a Liability

Giving birth to a child is a life-changing moment for every new mom. Seeing the angel that they have carried within them for what may seem like forever in their arms gives way to feelings they didn't think existed. The surge of emotions and the weight of the responsibility that comes with being a mother may prove to be overwhelming for many, but they shouldn't give in to the pressures of this new role quite easily.

There is a misconception that having a baby holds back women as taking care of their child should be their utmost priority. While it is true that newborn babies need urgent and meticulous care, they shouldn't be viewed as a liability for career-driven moms. Studies show that having children is not necessarily a big factor when it comes to having a career outside the home for moms. According to the United States Census Bureau, about two-thirds of the 23.5 million working women with children under 18 in the US alone worked full-time in 2018. In fact, they made up a significant part of the labor force at the time, accounting for nearly a third of all employed women, married or single.

Babies are truly a blessing. They bring joy to the family, a certain fullness to one's life, and they may even be the boost that a mother needs to do well at home and even in the workplace. Here are some reasons why motherhood can inspire women to reimagine their careers for the better:

Babies are a source of happiness.

Oftentimes, we get caught too caught up in the daily grind that it starts to feel repetitive and lack excitement. Having a child to care for and who will love you back can be great motivation for you to do your best. You'll want to work extra hard to provide the best life to your kids.

The challenges of being a new mom can make you stronger.

If you like to exercise control at work, being a new mom will make you realize that sometimes, we just have to roll with the punches - and that's okay! We won't always get it perfectly the first time, but the secret to success lies in your determination. If you are able to get through the hurdles of being a new mom, you can handle whatever life throws at you anywhere you go!

Being a mentor now applies not just at work, but at home, too. 

All moms want their children to grow up with a good set of values. As such, they become very conscious of the behaviors they display at home, which their kids can emulate. Being aware and conscious of their actions around their children can improve how a new mom can interact with people, by bringing the same energy and positivity to work.

Time management is everything.

With more tasks on her plate as both an employee and parent, moms become experts in prioritization and managing their workload to be more productive in all areas of life. This is a skill that will benefit her, and something that she can pass on to her kids, too, as they grow and the world around them expands.

Patience is a virtue. 

Unlike co-workers or direct reports who would understand instructions that you give, children would have a hard time following them given their limited comprehension. Being patient and compassionate with your children can help you be more tolerant of people and situations that go against your plans. It's a characteristic that will definitely pay off in dividends, and a great one for your kids to learn.

Having a baby is a gift. Taking care of and raising a child is a privilege and imparts lessons and skills that cannot be found elsewhere. Motherhood should be an inspiration for moms to pursue their goals beyond the home and continue celebrating life. With the right mindset and attitude, being successful at your chosen field and raising well-adjusted children are possible.