Family First

Praise Report for Family First Global 2023

FFG Global Summit 2023

Over 100 participants, family leaders, and advocates participated from seven different countries

We wanted to share some exciting news with you all. Last month, we had our Family First Global Leaders Summit in Manila, and it was an amazing success! We had over 100 participants from seven (7) different countries, and despite the challenges of COVID-19 lockdowns, civil wars in Myanmar, and persecution of Christians in India, China, and Pakistan, our FFG Nations have continued to deepen and broaden their Kingdom work.

Strength Through The Storms—that’s the theme of this year’s Global Summit, and it truly captures the essence of what we’ve been experiencing as a community. We’ve been through a lot of challenges these past three years, and it’s heartwarming to see everyone come together again, face-to-face, after such a long time.

We also have new mission fields that have opened up, which means there’s so much more work to be done. We believe that community leaders value and need our support to continue their good work. That’s why we are looking forward to the new programs each nation is building to empower grassroots leaders to have greater reach. Together, we can make the world a better place for families. That’s exactly what our local FFG chapters are doing! The big brother nations like Pamilya Muna Pilipinas (Philippines) and Family First Indonesia are sharing knowledge, experiences, and resources with our new FFG nations in Myanmar, Pakistan, and Japan.

We are so grateful to our newly appointed Chairman for Asia, Glenn Yu, and his team at Pamilya Muna Pilipinas for hosting this year’s Leaders’ Summit. Their work is truly remarkable, and we are blessed to have them on our team! Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that Pamilya Muna Pilipinas will host the next Global Summit, which is scheduled for the last week of April 2024.

In the meantime, please connect with our local chapters and take part in the local trainings and events to continue making a difference in your communities. Together, we can create a brighter future for families around the world.

Praise the Lord, and thank you for your friendship and partnership in the LORD. We will have more exciting updates to share with you all soon, but for now, let’s keep praying and supporting one another.