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Family First Global 2024 Leaders’ Summit With 200+ Participants Hailed as “Best Ever”

The Leaders' Summit Family Night Was Well Attended With 200+ Participants

Over 200 passionate family advocates, including local chapter representatives, community leaders, partners, and volunteers, gather to celebrate Family Night at the 2024 Summit

Manila, Philippines – From April 28 to May 1, 2024, Family First Global, in partnership with Pamilya Muna Pilipinas and the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation, hosted its largest annual FFG Leader’s Summit to date. Nearly 200 attendees from 10 countries, from Papua New Guinea to Poland, gathered for the Family Night event. The FFG Leader’s Summit focused on building strong families amid global challenges like wars, the persecution of Christian families, and divisive perspectives on family values. This year’s theme, “Together We Are Stronger and Stronger in Jesus,” underscored unity and faith as vital to family strength.

The Honorable Gregory Slayton, Chairman of Family First Global, stressed the power of collective effort: “Our organization is like strands of a strong rope. Single strands can’t do much, but together, we can help lots of people by building stronger, happier, and more successful families centered on the Almighty.”

Representatives from Poland, U.S., Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong

Representatives from the Philippines, Indonesia, Poland, Japan, Myanmar, PNG, Singapore, Pakistan, the USA, and Hong Kong joined the summit this year

Echoing this sentiment, Mr. Glenn Yu, Chairman of Family First Asia, highlighted the profound purpose of families in his opening remarks: “Family is the most basic unit of society, but a strong family can change the world. The purpose of the family is to pass on the story of God’s promise. The family is a vehicle where culture and values are passed on. This did not happen by accident, but by design because He sees families not just as one generation, but in multiple generations.”

Edric and Joy Mendoza, Family Advocates and Keynote Speakers for the Family Night

Keynote speakers and family advocates, Edric and Joy Mendoza

To further inspire and equip the FFG leaders, well-known family advocates, Keynote Speakers Joy and Edric Mendoza shared their insights on maintaining family strength. Joy Mendozaa writer and mother of six, emphasized love in parenting: “Without love, influence is impossible.” Building on this, Edric Mendoza, an education expert, likened parenting to a warrior with an arrow: “We must aim our children in the right direction and let go, guiding them towards their God-given mission.” Joy and Edric gave a wonderful, inspirational presentation.

Fun-loving representatives of FFG chapters from the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Myanmar showcased their culture during the family night

Fun-loving representatives of FFG chapters from the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Myanmar showcased their culture during the family night

The summit’s success was made possible by the dedication of all participating chapters, volunteers, partners, and supporters. Chairman Slayton expressed his gratitude: “We thank the entire community and especially the great Pamilya Muna Pilipinas Team for hosting our 2024 FFG Leader’s Summit. Our local chapter leaders work tirelessly to strengthen families worldwide, and we deeply appreciate their unwavering commitment. We encourage everyone to support our mission by praying for us, engaging with local chapters, grabbing a copy of the locally translated versions of the Be a Better Dad book, and contributing to our ongoing efforts in any way possible.”

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Family First Global is proud to partner with the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation, a U.S.-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.