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Tokyo, Japan:  Family First Japan is one of the youngest of the Family First Global nations. Founded just last year, Family First Japan has amassed a strong Board of Directors and an equally impressive Board of Advisors to help guide it forward in service to all Japanese families. Last week the Family First Japan Board elected Mr. Masato Ito to be its Chairman. Mr. Ito is a strong and faithful Japanese Christian leader who has a deep passion for FFJ to serve and help all Japanese families regardless of socio-economic background, regional origin or religious affiliation. The Board also confirmed Mr. Hiroshige Kobayashi as National Coordinator. Both men have extensive experience in family service in Japan.

 “It is an honor to be elected to Chair the Family First Japan Board” offered Mr. Ito. “I hope to be a true servant leader for my fellow Board Members and for the entire Family First Japan Team. Many Japanese marriages and families are in desperate need; in fact, the divorce rate in Japan has never been higher and the percentage of children who go to bed hungry in Japan is shocking” he added. “So, it is both a privilege and an opportunity for us at Family First Japan to serve families throughout our beloved Nation” he concluded.

“I am deeply grateful to have been chosen to be the national coordinator of Family First Japan” reported Mr. Hiroshige Kobayashi, FFJ’s National Coordinator. “For many years I have been conducting seminars and counselling Japanese families to help them build more peaceful and loving relationships. Now, I am very proud to be working with our wonderful team of Japanese leaders. We firmly believe that God has given us a mission to serve many Japanese families and help them grow stronger, more loving and more united. That is our purpose, our goal and our dream” he concluded.

“Japan is a wonderful nation in so many ways” mentioned Mr. Gregory W. Slayton, the Chairman of Family First Global. “However, the breakdown of the family unit has led directly to a massive population decline that threatens the country’s very existence in the next 50 years. It is so heartening to see Japanese leaders taking charge of Family First Japan to serve and help families all over Japan to be stronger, healthier and more united. We salute Family First Japan’s new Board of Directors and Board of Advisors and wish them all the very best in their service to the families of their great Nation.”

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