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Family First Japan Now Recognized as an Official Non-Profit Organization in Japan

Family First Japan Book Launch and Family/Fatherhood Seminars on offer all over Japan

The Government of Japan has officially recognized Family First Japan as a Non-Profit Organization, a special status that is equivalent to the US 501c3 designation, a very important step forward for Family First Japan.

Aside from this great news, Family First Japan is also offering practical training on fatherhood/family workshop online for Japanese families. The webinars are limited to 20 participants and feature proven methods to strengthen fathers and families. Instructor Mr. Hiroshige Kobayashi, who is the National Coordinator of Family First Japan, has been offering these great seminars in person for many years and has helped many Japanese families. Family First Japan is honored to make these webinars available to all Japanese families via Zoom.

Additionally, Japanese sales of the global best-seller “Be a Better Dad Today” are going well. Translated into modern Japanese by Family First Japan and launched on Father’s Day 2021, the book is garnering a lot of attention in Japan. This can be purchased at fine bookstores in Japan or at Amazon Japan.

“We are super proud of all that our partners at Family First Japan have accomplished since their founding just last year,” offered the Chairman of Family First Global the Honorable Gregory Slayton. “As my mentor, the late US Senator John McCain, always told me, ‘Leadership is Destiny.’ We are deeply thankful for the leadership and partnership of Family First Japan in helping families and marriages all over Japan to thrive.”

“We are honored to begin our service to all the families of Japan,” opined the Chairman of Family First Japan, Mr. Masato Ito. “We want to serve any Japanese couple or family that would like to see their marriage and family be stronger, happier and more resilient,” he continued. “All families need help, encouragement and support at some point in the journey of life. That is what Family First Japan is here to do – always on a non-profit basis and always with the goal of helping, supporting and blessing every marriage and family we serve.”