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Family First Nepal Team Launches Sewing Training Centre for At-Risk Moms.

Katmandu Nepal: With the Mayor of Katmandu in attendance, the Family First Nepal Team opened its Sewing Training Center (STC) last week in a joy-filled launch event. The STC was the initiative of the Family First Nepal Team, who saw the economic and social devastation caused by the pandemic all over Nepal and decided to do something about it.

“We are honored to help these good ladies to learn a new skill that will help their families in very tangible ways,” explained Mr. Padam, the Leader of FF Nepal Team. “The sewing classes are two hours per day for 3 months, which will enable each student to become a professional seamstress. But we also help the students in other areas such as financial management and family building skills,” he added. “It is an honor to serve those less fortunate than ourselves just as Jesus did,” he concluded.

The launch event was covered by Nepal’s largest TV station which reported the launch event in a very positive light. 

“It is wonderful to see our Family First Nepal Team, launching such a great program,” contributed former US Ambassador Gregory Slayton, the Chairman of Family First Global.

“Family First Global is a service organization and serving families is what we do in every one of our FFG Nations. It is great to see FF Nepal team serving at-risk Moms and their families in such a beneficial, long-term way. We are so proud of them and we are honored to be their partners in service to all the families of Nepal,” Mr. Slayton concluded.