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Family First Global and Families for Pakistan Will Air Twice Weekly TV Broadcast “Exemplary Family” on Global Urdu Network Isaac TV This October

Families for Pakistan to Air Misali Gharana in October

Catch episodes of Misali Gharana (“Exemplary Family”) on Isaac TV, One of the World’s Largest Urdu Broadcast Network

Islamabad, Pakistan, September 2023: We’re excited to share some fantastic news with you today! Family First Global & Families for Pakistan has teamed up with ISAAC TV, ONE OF THE LARGEST URDU LANGUAGE BROADCAST NETWORKS IN THE WORLD, to present ‘Misali Gharana’ (Exemplary Family), hosted by our very own Pastor Shakeel Anwar and his talented wife, Samra Shakeel!

Our unwavering commitment to strengthening families remains at the heart of our mission. With ‘Misali Gharana,’ we embark on a journey to tackle important family issues while offering priceless insights from exemplary families who have triumphed over these challenges. But that’s not all; here’s what you can look forward to in our brand-new show:

1️⃣ Unlock the secrets to nurturing genuine harmony and love within your home.
2️⃣ Gain invaluable tips on cultivating loving bonds with your spouse and children.
3️⃣ Discover practical ways to strengthen the unity within your family.

The Honorable Gregory Slayton, Chairman of Family First Global, expressed his enthusiasm: “This is a divine opportunity for Family First Global and Families for Pakistan to make a profound impact on millions of Urdu-speaking families both in Pakistan and worldwide. We salute our great Families for Pakistan team and our wonderful partners at Isaac TV.”

Dr. Raj Bhatti, Chairman of Families for Pakistan, shares his hopes for the program, “Families for Pakistan seeks to bless and support all Urdu-speaking families. It is our sincere hope that this weekly family program will be a blessing to millions of couples and their children. We want to thank our global partners at Isaac TV and Family First Global for their partnership in this important project”.

Tune in to Families for Pakistan’s YouTube Channel for the Re-runs

Meet your charismatic hosts, Pastor Shakeel Anwar and Sis. Samra Shakeel. Pastor Shakeel Anwar, a native of Islamabad, found his calling at the tender age of 14 and earned his Bachelor of Theology in 2012. Together with his devoted wife, they experience the joys of parenting their two daughters and son. Sis. Samra Shakeel, originally from Rawalpindi, embraced her faith at 16 and holds a Certificate in Theology. As a dynamic duo, they lead a thriving ministry at Living Heart Church, Islamabad, all while nurturing their own beautiful family of five.

To catch the episodes of ‘Misali Gharana,’ simply follow the live stream on ISAAC TV and their YouTube channel. For those who miss the live broadcasts, we will have replays and re-runs available on Families for Pakistan’s YouTube channel and Facebook page, ensuring that you can enjoy each episode at your own pace.

Family First Global is a proud partner of the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation, a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Visit our websites to learn more.