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Is Love On (the) Line?

Navigating Online Dating Websites


Is Love On (the) Line?


The rise of technology has changed the way we live our lives. It has paved the way for the creation of machinery that makes life more convenient. Among these, the Internet is arguably one of the most revolutionary products of technology, bridging gaps and connecting people from different parts of the globe. Over the years, the World Wide Web has evolved to become not just a vast resource of information, but also a platform for people seeking love.

In the US alone, it is reported that almost 40 million people have tried internet dating, making it one of the largest online industries. Recently, it has become even more accessible, with mobile apps that can be downloaded on one’s phone and locate single men and women nearby who share the same interests as the person looking for someone to get to know. Many vouch for the effectiveness of dating sites. In fact, in 2011, almost 20% of marriages were said to have stemmed from online interactions.

While online dating websites are known to break down geographical barriers and make it easier to meet people in person, there are those who are wary of using their services. Here are some of the things that you have to watch out for:

  1. Too many matches can be overwhelming. Just like choosing a show to watch on streaming services, users can have a hard time selecting who to interact with, especially if the site churns out many matches at once. They should be able to devote time to look into profiles and carefully choose who to talk to within the space.
  2. They have a tendency to prioritize personal preference or fulfilment. Users can only base their decisions on what they can see on people’s profiles. It also doesn’t give users an idea if a potential match is loved by others or extends kindness to their peers.
  3. It’s difficult to identify who’s genuine and who’s not. In dating sites, a person’s value is reduced to how good they look on their profile photo, or what they put in their profile description. It’s hard to ascertain how much of what they say is true, especially if conversations are done through chat or text alone.
  4. Sharing private information on the Internet is always risky. With hackers and identity thieves on the prowl, you may fall prey to malicious acts that can have a negative impact on your personal life and livelihood.

Dating sites may be steadily gaining popularity, but one has to be cautious in using them. While they can create many connections at once, those will not always matter. In finding love, there’s no need to rush. Trust in the process and keep your eyes and heart open for the right person who will not have to hide behind a screen to prove his worth.