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Living a Father-Full Life

The Effects of Staying Involved in Your Children’s Lives


Living a Father-full Life


When fathers are being labelled as providers, they are not being measured just by how much money they earn, or the food they put on the table. Aside from being a source of things necessary for us to live each day in comfort, a father also gives the kind of love that fills his children’s hearts to the brim. With his knowledge and experience, he acts as a mentor that provides insights on navigating life’s many twists and turns; his strength allows him to protect his family from threats and risks; overall, his presence enables his children to live a wonderful – a father-full – life.

According to the UK Economic & Social Research Council, a father’s presence and involvement make a difference in a child’s emotional life. A study involving sons and daughters of varying ages (ranging from 7 to 33) revealed that having involved fathers led to less emotional and behavioral difficulties once a child reaches adolescence. Teenagers who have a close bond with their dads eventually develop good marital relationships as adults. Lastly, girls who share a strong kinship with their fathers during adolescence are not burdened with much psychological distress as they age.

Father involvement is important in having an enduring father-and-child relationship. Here are some tips and practices for fathers to stay present in their child’s life:

Make visitation schedules. Often, fathers feel conflicted as they juggle both work and family life. In an effort to provide a good life for their family, working fathers tend to spend long hours away from the people they love the most. It is important for a working dad to set boundaries and allot time for him to spend with family, but he can also give his kids an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the environment he’s in outside the house. If the company allows, take your child to work. Aside from not missing a bonding moment with your kids, this will help make them understand and appreciate the things you do for them.

Be aware of your child’s needs. Distance or work shouldn’t be an excuse not to monitor your child’s development. Stay connected with figures that have an impact on your kid’s day-to-day routines such as teachers and even their friends and peers. At the end of each day, communicate with your kids for a daily catch-up, or ask your spouse about any observations that she may have and how you can help support your kids’ needs.

Make an effort to be more hands-on. You don’t have to stay at home for a length of time to make your children feel special. But when you are, engage in various activities that would get you closer to them. Play sports together, read them books, accompany them to doctor visits or just take them out to eat. Just having you by their side should leave a lasting impression to the kids that you are doing your best to make every moment with them special.

A father is a central figure in one’s life. Without him, there is no balance, no one to serve as an anchor that would keep children grounded, or a captain that would steer the ship, until the kids are ready to take the reins. Indeed, a father-full life is a life well-lived, so dads should make it a point to be by their children’s side for as long as they can.