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Marriage is Forever

Why Traditional Marriage is the Dream that Will Not Die


Marriage is Forever

For couples, marriage is the goal. It is the embodiment of a commitment that involves two people sharing a life, raising a family, and spending the rest of their days together. Marriage is a tradition that has withstood the test of time — and will continue to do so despite the changing behaviors and outlooks present in every generation.

While the marriage rate for those who belong in the earlier generations are much higher — with 91 percent for boomers, 87 percent for late boomers, and 82 percent for Gen Xers — the same cannot be said for Millennials. A study shows that the marriage rate for millennials might drop to 70 percent as a result of a phenomenon called the “romanticist delusion”, where couples look at marriage as based solely on love, when in reality, it is also a promise between a man and a woman to weather life’s storms and enjoy its sunshines hand-in-hand.

Marriage is not a trend that goes out of style. Rather, it is a dream that will not die, and it is a worthy milestone to aspire to. Here are some of the reasons why marriage is forever:

  1. Longer lives. They say only death can tear a man and his wife apart, but through marriage, they may not have to worry about it for a long while. Research suggests that there exists a large “marriage gap” in longevity that results in men and women living longer lives than their single or divorced counterparts.
  2. Well-adjusted children. Having a mom and dad living under one roof as a married couple is said to enable children to lead healthier and longer lives. This was evidenced in a study wherein a parent’s divorce was found to have knocked four years off the life expectancy of an adult child.
  3. Prosperity. A marriage where both man and woman work together towards making their dreams a reality will be blessed with financial success. Not only can incomes double or triple depending on the opportunities that a couple are taking advantage of, they can also better manage their finances by putting their heads together.
  4. Peace of mind. No man is an island, and in a marriage, neither the husband nor the wife will feel alone. This committed companionship is good for one’s mental health, with men and women feeling less depressed, anxious, and psychologically distressed.
  5. Happiness. Loving and being loved in return is the ultimate form of happiness, and marriage is its catalyst. According to some studies, 40 percent of married people can attest that they are “very happy” with life in general.

As long as there are those who recognize the beauty in coming together for love and life, the value of marriage will never depreciate.