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Reinforcing marital bonds at home

by Ericson Sayno

The current health crisis has disrupted lives across the globe. For the past few months, people had to reinvent their lifestyles as the pandemic forced communities into isolation. The world suddenly became a confined space, its vastness now limited to the four corners of the home.

This may be a challenging time but being at home doesn’t have to feel like a dead-end. As a couple, you and your other half can use this period as an opportunity to break through and embark on your very own everyday adventures. To help kickstart your journey, Family First Global prepared a roadmap of activities that can strengthen your marital bonds and maintain a great state of well-being amidst the direst of situations.

Take to the Yard and Rise with the Sun

Greet a new day with gratitude and renewed vigor. Get up from your bed, take your partner’s hand and lead them to a well-lit, open space such as the backyard, where you can say a morning prayer and appreciate the beauty of dawn. Surrounded by nature, roll out your exercise mats and perform your preferred workouts together. End the experience with meaningful conversations over a hearty and healthy breakfast picnic.

Invade the Living Room for Some Middday Musings

Walk down memory lane without leaving your living room. Take a break from house or office work and get comfortable on the couch. De-stress by recounting the most memorable events that you spent together, or watch videos taken during special occasions such as your wedding. Let the kids in on the action and make it a family bonding moment.

Spice Up the Kitchen and Cook Up a Feast

End the day with an unforgettable dinner made with love. Team up and work your magic in the kitchen by creating your favorite dishes. Put a healthy twist on the meal by using a balanced amount of meat, vegetables, and fruit. Once served, play soothing music to turn up the ambiance. Don’t forget to give a well-deserved compliment to your partner as you savor the taste of a lifelong collaboration.


Choose to take advantage of the circumstances to reconnect and reinforce your love and commitment to the person you are sharing your life with. No matter the situation, find time to cherish each other’s presence and nourish both your bodies and souls.

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