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Rise Up, Mom!

Balancing Work and Life as a Working Mom



If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about working, it is a mom. From raising children to managing the affairs of the home, a mother is living proof of how strong women can be. However, just like any other person, they are bound to experience low points that can challenge the way they approach their daily tasks. Case in point: the COVID-19 pandemic, which has promptly blurred the lines separating work and home.

With the transition to remote work, moms are finding themselves doing office work while helping their children get ready for virtual school, or assisting their husbands as they prepare to deal with their own responsibilities in the workplace. While this new set-up arguably gives mothers more time to spend with their loved ones, it makes it more difficult for them to maintain healthy and productive habits that can help them get through the day. But, all hope is not lost! If you are a working mom who is struggling to find their footing in this new normal, here are some tips to get your groove back:


  1. Live a purpose-driven (work) life. Getting wind of sad news or a pile of workload can be too much for a mom, but enough motivation can do the trick. Having a clear vision of your hopes and dreams for yourself and your family can be a great source of inspiration that should boost not only your morale but your productivity as you go through your to-do list for the day.
  2. Make it a habit to move. Fit in exercise in your daily schedule so you can stay fit. Working out doesn’t have to be all about dumbbells and yoga mats, though. Stretch your legs by walking around the perimeter of your house, or do chores that can break the monotony brought about by long hours of video calls with officemates.
  3. Don’t aim to be the best; just do the best you can. So many people look for perfection, not knowing that it is a myth. Instead of wearing yourself out to be as flawless as you can, embrace your imperfections. Focus on what you can do, and gradually improve instead of leaping across a vast space and hurting yourself in the process.
  4. Take some time out for a day out. Moms can get so immersed with work and chores that they forget to have fun. When the house gets too stuffy, open the door and step out into the sun. Take a kid with you for some quality time, or pamper yourself — either way, this should give you an opportunity to clear your head and breathe.
  5. Find moments of gratitude and joy. Think happy thoughts and let them consume you. Acknowledge the little things in your life right now that make it worth living. Having your kids around, a supportive husband, food on the table, a steady stream of income — these can serve as a reminder that despite unfortunate events, you are blessed.