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Staying Grounded by Being Present

Practicing Mindfulness for a Healthy Marriage


Staying Grounded by Being Present

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As a couple begin their journey as husband and wife, they may find it easier to devote time and attention in responding to each other’s physical and emotional needs. However, as their world expands following the arrival of children and the responsibilities that come with building a family, it becomes more and more challenging for married couples to focus on each other. It may be a struggle, but it is one hurdle that they have to overcome to stay together. Practicing mindfulness is one of the many ways to make their relationship last for as long as they live.

Mindfulness is defined as one’s ability to stay fully present, with a heightened sense of awareness on where they are and what they are supposed to be doing. Being mindful means being able to purposefully pay attention in the present moment, without being clouded by preconceived notions. Those who practice mindfulness in a relationship experience positive effects such as reduced stress, improved sleep, sharpened focus, and increased creativity – all of which contribute to better marital interactions and overall marriage health.

Having a mindful marriage requires commitment and a willingness to adjust some aspects of your life to make more room for your spouse. Here are some tips to achieve this:

Practice loving kindness. Love and kindness are said to be the two cornerstones of a happy marriage. Direct that loving kindness to your spouse, and make them feel validated with your words and actions. This can take the form of a compliment on how they look, or a surprise food treat that they can take with them to work just before leaving the house. This will surely fill them with positivity as they prepare to face the day.

Let your spouse know how grateful you are for them every day. You may find your hands full on a daily basis, but you have to remember not to take your spouse for granted. As a way of checking in with them, make it a point to express how much you value their presence in your life. You may do this by sending a simple “thank you” message for giving it their all for the sake of family, or by sharing a memory that highlights a trait that you love most about your husband or wife.

Reconnect and reflect before going to bed. There is nothing more comforting in knowing that you have someone waiting for you after a long and tiring day. Instead of scrolling through your phones or doing other leisurely activities separately, reserve some time for some catching up. You can also sit in silence for a few minutes, holding each other’s hands and taking comfort in each other’s company.

Engage in activities that bring both of you joy. Mindfulness is all about being present in your individual life and the life you share with your spouse, so it is necessary to be able to do things together that will rejuvenate you as a married couple. From having date nights to booking a weekend getaway for two, make an effort to shut out the noise and focus on each other every once in a while.

We are prone to overlook things when there are a million things going on and only a few hours in a day to complete them. When you do forget, forgive yourself, but strive to be mindful of the people you hold close to your heart, especially your spouse. In maintaining a healthy marriage, you get a steady supply of love and care that will see you through the toughest times without fail.