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For Better or Worse

Making a Conscious Effort to Strengthen Your Marriage

Published: February 20, 2021





Keeping marital relations strong and healthy will have a lot of positive effects for couples down the line. According to research from the Department of Finance Canada and University of British Columbia, marriage may help ease the causes of the mid-life dip in life satisfaction. The Office for National Statistics in the UK also reports that married couples are more satisfied with their life compared to widows and widowers, and generally happier than divorced or separated people. Married couples are able to build more wealth, reap the most physical and mental health benefits, and are most likely to raise well-adjusted children.


If you and your spouse feel that there is much room for improvement in your married life, consider switching up a few aspects of your everyday and observe their impact. Here are several positive changes that married couples can make according to experts, put together by leading-edge research firm Insider:



Reposition Your Lens.


Licensed clinical psychologist Sarah Schewitz says that in shifting the focus on the positive parts of your partner, you and your spouse can be stronger and more in tune with each other. In doing the opposite, there’s a higher chance of losing connection and eventually disliking your husband or wife. To prevent this, make it a habit to identify at least three things that you love and appreciate about your spouse that you can share with them.


Touch with Love.


Physical connection is effective in keeping the bonding hormone oxytocin flowing. A 30-second hug or a six-second kiss can not only pull you closer to your spouse, but also help push out the stress hormone cortisol out of your system!


Catch Some Z’s. 


A study conducted by top-name universities revealed that not getting enough sleep can result in more hostile interactions between partners. It weakens the body and may even cloud one’s judgments during crucial conversations. As such, make sure to celebrate the end of a productive day by getting some shut-eye together.


Delete Distractions.


Technology, or social media in particular, can be quite addicting, and if you can’t put your phone down during conversations or mealtimes, this might pose a problem with your spouse. A survey involving married couples found that the majority of the participants felt that computers, smartphones, and similar devices have caused unsatisfying interactions, so refrain from using them during family time.


Empathize and Apologize.


It’s easy to get carried away during arguments, but always try to be the bigger person. Take a step back, assess the situation, and have the courage to say sorry especially when you’re at fault. Empathizing and apologizing during disagreements can help couples be less combative during disagreements.


Make Time.


Kids, work, and other responsibilities can take up much of your time in a day, but make time for your spouse that you can both cherish. Making your marriage a top priority is important, as it serves as a foundation in building a family and a home.


When the going gets tough, don’t just quit! Studies show that when a marriage reaches the 20-year mark, they naturally improve. This resurgence will noticeably increase shared activities such as recreation, dinner dates, and trips to visit friends. Hence, show resilience in facing every challenge. Have faith in the man or woman you married. It gets better.