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Strengthening the Knot

The Benefits of Participating in Marriage Enrichment Programs


Strengthening the Knot


Marriage brings together two people who are united by love and commitment. As husband and wife, they pool together their strength to navigate a life they willingly chose to share. While perfection may be a myth, most couples still strive to make their marital life the best that it can be. Doing so, however, is not a piece of cake. There may be circumstances when solutions to life’s challenges won’t come as epiphanies that will greet you in the morning. And it’s okay – sometimes, it is worth looking at external elements that can strengthen the knot that binds you and your spouse, such as marriage enrichment programs.

Marriage enrichment is rooted in an educational approach that aims to elevate couple relationships. Through detailed plans and modules, marriage enrichment programs are great opportunities for a man and his wife to not only get to know the person they married better, but to also be more aware of themselves and how they impact their partner. This can lead to an exploration of a couple’s feelings and thoughts, which promotes empathy, intimacy, effective communication, and the development of critical problem-solving skills.

Contrary to what some may think, marriage enrichment programs are advantageous to couples who may be faring well in life or struggling with some aspects of it. According to research, these are just some of the benefits that participants get from attending marriage enrichment programs:

Peaceful and positive interactions. Studies on the effects of marriage enrichment programs show that participants demonstrate higher levels of positive communication and lower levels of marital violence compared to their peers. These can be attributed to programs that impart advice on how to react during crucial conversations, and instill the value of actively going a more peaceful route when in conflict with one another.

Broken walls, open minds. Marriage enrichment programs are also said to be a great way to encourage couples to be more open with one another. Sometimes, there is a tendency to hide behind a wall due to insecurities, but with the help of experts, couples may find it easier to tear down these barriers and talk through the things that make them uncomfortable.

Clearer sense of self. Having a number of roles and responsibilities (as a spouse and a parent) may make it hard for an individual to determine what he or she truly wants and needs. Marriage enrichment programs have been found to help couples express their need for control and affection, which aids them in making moves that will preserve their sense of well-being.

Lengthier life of togetherness. Having not just experience but also knowledge on what makes marriages work is the ideal combo that makes marriage enrichment programs an effective way to solidify a blessed union. Research suggests that couples who participate in marriage enrichment programs are less likely to separate or divorce up to 5 years after participating in the program of their choosing.