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The Gratitude Attitude

by Family First Global | 27 November 2020 

When was the last time you said “thank you”?

These may just be two short words, but hearing them being said out loud never fails to warm the heart. That feeling of having someone appreciate you for a good deed, no matter how small, leaves a lasting impact that can really brighten your day. It definitely is food for the soul, but science has proven that gratitude is good for the body, too!


Various researches have shown that gratitude can greatly contribute to the development of a positive overall sense of well-being. Here’s a list of measurable positive effects on health that you can gain from regularly practicing gratitude:

1. Fortified Immune System.

At a time where the spread of viruses is rampant, having a positive outlook can actually improve your defenses against potential bodily threats. A research by The Royal Society revealed that an increased mental well-being can fight off illness, while a study on gratitude journaling showed that practicing gratitude can lessen the risks associated with heart failure.

2. Better Mental Health.

It’s easy to get consumed by negative thoughts, but not when you are cultivating gratefulness. Research suggests that gratitude interventions can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Grateful thinking has also shown to improve a person’s mood, paving the way for a more stable mind.
3. Satisfying Relationships.
Being grateful has been found to be that spark that people need to establish a connection, or a flame required to better forge existing ones. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, gratitude can act as a “booster shot” for a relationship. It can raise satisfaction and happiness levels between a couple, making them more prepared to face life’s challenges together.
4. A Brighter Perspective.
Gratitude promotes optimism, and with optimism comes healthy aging. If you want to cast away your fears for the uncertainties that lie ahead, you may want to try at least 10 weeks of regular gratitude practice. Feel the change wash over you and continue until you feel that you’re strong enough to weather any storm!



Adapting an attitude of gratitude can start within your family. Involve your spouse and kids in activities that can motivate them to be grateful and find more value in their everyday lives!


1. Map It Out!

For those who appreciate beautiful images, put up a mood board where each member of the family can pin something that makes their hearts sing. It can be a photo of a memorable family trip, a milestone in your kids’ life, or a dream destination that you are setting your sights on.

2. Write It Down.
Get a piece of paper and jot down anything that made your day a bit more special than the last one. Fold it and put it in a jar. It can become a treasure trove of good vibes that can pick you up during a bad day.
3. Breathe It In.
Meditate and reflect on situations that have made you see life in a new light. Think about how far you’ve come in your personal journey, and give yourself a pat on the back for all the work that you’ve put in to overcome hurdles and get to where you are now.
4. Pay It Forward.

People feel more blessed when they become blessings to others, so share what you have with those in need. Volunteering can be a source of inspiration that can provide you with a deeper appreciation of the things that are accessible to you, and develop a sense of compassion for humanity as a whole!


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