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The Heart of Giving

Shaping Generosity at Home for a Better World


The Heart of Giving


Every person undergoes their own life journey, but the circumstances surrounding this adventure is different for everyone. Some may find themselves born with privileges in the form of material wealth that make navigating daily life a lot easier. Others, however, may not be as fortunate; without basic necessities, theirs is a tougher road to walk on. While there are people who would just focus on the path ahead, those who possess giving hearts go out of their way to meet those in need halfway, sharing what blessings they have to uplift and spread kindness to others. These people are the generous ones – those who believe in the virtue of giving back for the betterment of the world at large.


Generosity is a beautiful value that can help make the world a better place. Small acts of kindness such as sharing food or donating used clothes can have a huge impact on their recipients. These actions not only satisfy the need for nourishment or protection from the elements, but inspire hope and faith in humanity. These become proof that life can get better, as long as there are individuals who are willing to extend a hand without expecting anything in return.


Giving is a cycle that is worth continuing. Here are some research-based tips on how to shape generosity and cultivate unity within the family, with the goal of raising children who are more sensitive to the plight of their fellowmen:


Compliment generous behaviors. Acknowledge compassionate behaviors exhibited by your children when they interact with their peers. Make them understand why what they did was important, and how this can have a positive effect on the people around them. This can help build a solid foundation around their reason for giving.


Broaden their horizons. It’s one thing to learn from textbooks, and another to gain knowledge through experiences. Join your children as they listen to other giving souls who can share why and how they are able to maintain a generous spirit. This is a great way for kids to be more empathetic towards others.


Support their advocacies. As they grow older, your children may be able to arrive at certain causes that they will hold close to their heart. May it be holding fundraisers for community projects or working with organizations to attain world peace, stay by their side as they work towards making a difference the best way they know how.


Make giving a family affair. A family that comes together for a common goal, succeeds together. Knowing that their parents and siblings place a premium on generosity will further cement the importance of giving to a child. Any generous act will also be more enjoyable and sure to strengthen the bond that ties the whole family.


It’s never too early or late to start practicing generosity at home. As long as there is pure intention to be a light that can illuminate the way for others who are struggling to find their footing, generosity should come easily and naturally. With more people joining the generosity movement, everyday living should be filled with more smiles, breed kindness, and give rise to happiness and contentment.