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Strengthen Your Family, Strengthen The World
15 07, 2021

Making Time to Care


For most dads, a stable career is a vital part of their lives. But if available research is to be considered, hardworking fathers may have to change their ways, especially if they want to get closer to their children.

Making Time to Care2021-11-13T16:25:52+08:00
8 10, 2020

Being Present For The Future


A father is often perceived to be the impregnable foundation of the home. He is expected to cater to the needs of his family and pave the way for a bright future for all of them. However, some fathers take their role too seriously – to the point that they become too immersed in work and, in the process, lose time and energy to nurture relationships at home.

Being Present For The Future2021-11-14T15:29:34+08:00
31 08, 2020

How To Become A Better Dad


The role of a father in the family is so vital that it is difficult to imagine what our society or our nation will be like if our future leaders have been raised in fatherless households. One fallout from this crisis is many young people find it difficult to have a positive image of what a healthy father looks like because they had been hurt by their own fathers at home.

How To Become A Better Dad2021-11-18T18:32:35+08:00
31 08, 2020

Raising Our Kids: 3 Things We Must Do As Fathers


Sons naturally look to their dads to discover what it is to be a man. To be a husband. To be the leader of a family. To be a success. All sons look for their father’s approval, for his “Well done son.” In fact, that is how a boy becomes a man. But it is also true that daughters naturally look to their dads to know what a good man is. What a good husband is. What kind of man she wants to marry.

Raising Our Kids: 3 Things We Must Do As Fathers2021-11-14T16:37:02+08:00
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