Be A Better Dad Today Workbook – 10 Tools Every Father Needs


This professionally designed workbook is a companion to international best-selling Be A Better Dad Today. With over 1 million copies sold, translated to 20+ languages worldwide, and into its 9th printing, this workbook can be used in a group context, or as a self-study tool, be sure to maximize your skill in applying each of the 10 Tools to becoming the best Dad you can be.


“Excellent for small groups or just dad’s group.” Mama Melda | August 10, 2018
Great study guide for our small groups. Helps understanding the principal to be a better dad… Highly Recommended…

A great study guide for those who wants to know how to be the greatest mentor at home as dads. Many helpful tips can be found in the 10 Tools That Every Father Needs. Great questions to be raised in every small group to strengthen the believe of becoming a better dad and towards a happy and fulfilling family. Strengthen the Family, and you strengthen the Nation.


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