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Making Time to Care

For most dads, a stable career is a vital part of their lives. But if available research is to be considered, hardworking fathers may have to change their ways, especially if they want to get closer to their children.

Being Present For The Future

by Family First Global | 08 October 2020The Importance of a Father's Presence in His Child's Life A father is often perceived to be the impregnable foundation of the home. He is expected to cater to the needs of his family and pave the way for a bright future for all...

How To Become A Better Dad

by Himawan Hadirahardja | 02 September 2020 The former Social Minister of Indonesia, Mrs. Khofifah, stated that Indonesia is the nation with the second highest rate of fatherlessness. A home is considered to be fatherless not just when the father is physically absent...

Raising Our Kids: 3 Things We Must Do As Fathers

by Professor Gregory Slayton | 02 September 2020Sons naturally look to their dads to discover what it is to be a man. To be a husband. To be the leader of a family. To be a success. All sons look for their father’s approval, for his “Well done son.” In fact, that is...

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