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Strengthen Your Family, Strengthen The World
6 10, 2021

Never Too Late for a Date


There is a notion that people go on dates to get to know their partner, using it as an opportunity to ascertain that the other person has the qualities that they are looking for in a spouse. But does dating lose its magic when a couple gets married? Studies show that dates actually do not just benefit men and women who are at the onset of a romantic relationship, but even those who are already deeply connected as husband and wife.

Never Too Late for a Date2021-11-11T17:13:28+08:00
7 09, 2021

Making Love Bloom Again


For the most part, the success of a marriage depends on how well a couple is able to take care of their relationship. It may have matured, but love, just like a tree that sprouted from a tiny seed, still needs proper nurturing to live and prosper. As such, it becomes vital for man and wife to dedicate time and effort in weeding out obstacles that get in the way of their happiness, so their garden of love will continue to flourish for years and years. Otherwise, the strong feelings that they have for each other may wither over time, with one of the primary causes being emotional neglect.

Making Love Bloom Again2021-11-21T17:12:12+08:00
30 08, 2021

Strengthening the Knot


Marriage brings together two people who are united by love and commitment. As husband and wife, they pool together their strength to navigate a life they willingly chose to share. While perfection may be a myth, most couples still strive to make their marital life the best that it can be. Doing so, however, is not a piece of cake. There may be circumstances when solutions to life's challenges won't come as epiphanies that will greet you in the morning. And it's okay - sometimes, it is worth looking at external elements that can strengthen the knot that binds you and your spouse, such as marriage enrichment programs.

Strengthening the Knot2021-11-13T10:17:02+08:00
4 08, 2021

Is Love On (the) Line?


While online dating websites are known to break down geographical barriers and make it easier to meet people in person, there are those who are wary of using their services. Here are some of the things that you have to watch out for.

Is Love On (the) Line?2021-11-13T16:12:49+08:00
7 04, 2021

Harmony in Matrimony


When a man and a woman exchange wedding vows, it is not a mere dialogue, but a promise to stay together, forever. Around the world, the number of years that couples spend as husband and wife vary -- according to online publication Hopes&Fears, marriage may last at an average of 5.5 years based on trends in Doha Qatar, or as long as 18 years, as evidenced by those living in Italy. Outside these numbers, there is living proof that marriages can stand the test of time, especially if both man and wife are truly committed to a life of togetherness.

Harmony in Matrimony2021-11-18T18:29:25+08:00
20 02, 2021

Strengthen Your Marriage


When the going gets tough, don't just quit! Studies show that when a marriage reaches the 20-year mark, they naturally improve. This resurgence will noticeably increase shared activities such as recreation, dinner dates, and trips to visit friends. Hence, show resilience in facing every challenge. Have faith in the man or woman you married. It gets better.

Strengthen Your Marriage2021-11-14T08:18:34+08:00
6 11, 2020

Picking Up The Pieces


People react differently to various situations, and even two individuals under one circumstance can have very different experiences from it. The same goes for losing a spouse. Men and women have unique ways of processing the loss of their other half, and with some guys, these are more difficult to perceive due to societal expectations of men being a pillar of strength at all times.

Picking Up The Pieces2021-11-14T15:10:20+08:00
22 10, 2020

Two People One Marriage


When a couple ties the knot, they are figuratively bound by a single thread, and a commitment to share a life together as man and wife. While mutuality is deemed to be one of the biggest factors that make a marriage successful, should the couple sacrifice their individuality to achieve a strong sense of togetherness?

Two People One Marriage2021-11-14T15:24:00+08:00
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