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Strengthen Your Family, Strengthen The World
14 05, 2022

Promises Are Made To Be Kept


Studies have shown that breaking promises can have a negative effect on children, causing them to feel neglected and unvalued. It may also set a precedent on how children might behave in the future, with the thinking that breaking promises can be done or are acceptable.

Promises Are Made To Be Kept2022-05-14T00:48:48+08:00
5 04, 2022

Growing in Confidence


Confidence is a great quality to have. A confident individual eludes assurance and often builds trust naturally with people. Their level-headed approach through times of crisis and decision-making can be very uplifting too! Developing confidence takes time and conscious effort, so it will be advantageous to start at a young age. As parents, you can nurture your child and plant seeds of confidence today!

Growing in Confidence2022-04-05T11:55:30+08:00
5 03, 2022

Keeping Friends Forever


Friends often have different wills or contrasting personalities. We cannot always agree. Overcoming misunderstandings through respectful and clear communication is key to strengthening our relationships. Even as adults, we often struggle to handle our relationships and conflicts healthily. But hopefully, when our children experience conflict or relationship drama, they can turn to us for help and guidance.

Keeping Friends Forever2022-03-05T18:55:47+08:00
5 01, 2022

Temperament Check


No two children are alike. They may all come from the same womb, but parents will find that each son and daughter have characteristics that make them special. Some may have a more sunny disposition, with an ease to them as they approach new experiences calmly and joyfully. There are also kids who have a harder time managing their experiences and emotions. No matter the type, there is a way for parents to better understand their children, appreciate their uniqueness, and avoid misunderstandings and conflicts due to differing personalities. The answer lies in getting a better handle of their child's temperament.

Temperament Check2022-01-05T12:44:07+08:00
9 12, 2021

The Gift of Kindness


It is common knowledge that doing kind things makes one feel better and gives meaning to our lives, but scientific studies show that it has other effects that can be observed. Doing good has shown to help counter negative feelings such as anxiety and depression that may undermine the health and well-being of people in all walks of life. In a world that is plagued with stressors that impact many of society's sectors such as economy and education, the need to be that force of good - a spark of light in the darkness - has never been greater.

The Gift of Kindness2021-12-09T01:18:34+08:00
12 10, 2021

Friends for Keeps


It is only natural for parents to be supportive of friendships that promote their children's growth and welfare. However, they should also be aware of other interactions that their kids may have outside the home, just to make sure that their children are establishing connections that would only be beneficial in their journey to become successful and well-mannered adults. Here are ways to help your children nurture friendships that enrich their lives.

Friends for Keeps2021-11-21T17:11:39+08:00
16 09, 2021

Small Actions, Big Impact


Developing micro-habits start in being conscious about how you behave around your kids. When you practice a behavior that you want your children to adapt repeatedly, it becomes a habit. But, you shouldn't stop there. You need to be able to keep the habit up long enough for it to become a pattern. In doing so, it becomes an integral part of your parenting style, which makes it almost impossible to be broken.

Small Actions, Big Impact2021-11-12T17:47:15+08:00
12 08, 2021

Stop, Listen, and Empathize


While we continue to see progress in the fight against the global pandemic, reports about the rise of new variants are beginning to make people feel uneasy once again. This can give rise to a new wave of anxiety, stress, and feelings of uncertainty that may not be sensed at first glance, but can be visible to those who have a strong connection towards the person who is burdened with these emotions. With some areas enforcing lockdown mandates, providing emotional support becomes crucial in preserving one's well-being. For families, positive parenting through listening and empathy can be a great solution to combat negativity.

Stop, Listen, and Empathize2021-11-13T15:56:23+08:00
29 07, 2021

Growing Up Gritty


In the context of behavior, "grit" is defined as "firmness of character; indomitable spirit." Researcher Angela Duckworth pushed this further to include "perseverance and passion for long-term goals." It may only be a four-letter word, but grit is definitely a meaningful quality that people have to imbibe, especially during challenging times where many would opt to give up or choose easier paths, abandoning dreams and ambitions.

Growing Up Gritty2021-11-18T18:25:37+08:00
8 07, 2021

Striving for Parental Efficacy


As a parent, you don’t have to be perfect, but you have to be effective. You have to be open to all sorts of possibilities and scenarios as you take on the challenge of raising kids, and each experience will put your parenting skills to the test. The first step in becoming an effective parent is acknowledging the fact that what might work in one situation won’t necessarily solve another problem. Some may say that having “parenting instincts” is innate, but it is not advisable to rely only on hunches especially where your kids are concerned.

Striving for Parental Efficacy2021-11-13T16:32:58+08:00
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