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Strengthen Your Family, Strengthen The World
12 01, 2022

Growing Through Play


Playtime is an important aspect in a growing child's life. More than fun and games, this is where kids start discovering and exploring interests that can help them decide what career to pursue or advocacies to support at an early age. Not only is it entertaining, but playtime also helps kids develop various skills that are integral to their growth. Playing on their own is already a good time for children, but having their parents join them makes the moment even more fulfilling. For instance, having their mom by their side can actually promote a child's healthy socioemotional development.

Growing Through Play2022-01-12T13:28:59+08:00
23 09, 2021

Having a Baby: A Catalyst, Not a Liability


Giving birth to a child is a life-changing moment for every new mom. Seeing the angel that they have carried within them for what may seem like forever in their arms gives way to feelings they didn't think existed. The surge of emotions and the weight of the responsibility that comes with being a mother may prove to be overwhelming for many, but they shouldn't give in to the pressures of this new role quite easily.

Having a Baby: A Catalyst, Not a Liability2021-11-11T17:26:12+08:00
19 08, 2021

Rise Up, Mom!


If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about working, it is a mom. From raising children to managing the affairs of the home, a mother is living proof of how strong women can be. However, just like any other person, they are bound to experience low points that can challenge the way they approach their daily tasks.

Rise Up, Mom!2021-11-13T15:39:30+08:00
23 06, 2021

Overcoming Mom Shaming


In school, we are given formulas that can help us solve mathematical problems. We get access to textbooks that contain information about various concepts. Life, however, is much more complex. We can gain knowledge from a range of sources on how to raise children and be good parents, but ultimately, everyone's parenting styles will differ. Perfection in parenting is a myth, yet there are some that still find it in themselves to publicly point out someone else's errors in child rearing -- and moms are frequent targets.

Overcoming Mom Shaming2021-11-18T18:26:08+08:00
11 11, 2020

Choosing Family and Career


In 2018, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made waves by bringing her baby to the United Nations General Assembly. It was a powerful statement not just to her fellow legislators but also to regular moms across the globe – proof that a woman can be a mother, whether she’s tending to her family at home, managing a business, or running an entire country.

Choosing Family and Career2021-11-14T15:07:54+08:00
4 11, 2020

Compete on Repeat


I am a competitive person. But I’m very “polite” about it, so most people can’t tell that I’ve got a winner’s drive. Suppose it’s because I am aware of my need to be in the lead, therefore I try doubly hard to suppress that side of my personality. Here’s an example. I can do a headstand. (See how I weaved my hidden talent into this post? Ha ha.) So when I see someone trying to do a headstand, I have to tell myself, “don’t you dare take this poor person’s moment away from them. It’s not about you.” Sounds a little harsh? Perhaps. But the old me would have jumped right in there and been a pain-in-the-butt show off. You know the kind of people I’m talking about. I’m one of those people! We are the kind of people who, as hard as we may try, we just can’t help themselves sometimes. We hear a story about something, and we just have to interject — we often end up interrupting the poor guy without being aware of it — with a story of our own. And if it’s a more impressive story, even better! Sounds terrible, right? It’s cause it is! It’s absolutely childish.

Compete on Repeat2021-11-14T15:14:34+08:00
14 10, 2020

A Premature Farewell


The birth of a child is a momentous event that couples prepare for and look forward to. However, it’s unfortunate that, even with faith and hard work, some women had to experience the physical and emotional pain from an unsuccessful delivery. How can a couple pick up the pieces when their bundle of joy becomes a bundle of sadness?

A Premature Farewell2021-11-14T15:27:02+08:00
1 10, 2020

How To Create DIY Citrus-Scented Vinegar Cleaner


Tired of not knowing what exactly goes into your household cleaners? Me too! So, when I came across this recipe for a DIY all-purpose cleaner with only TWO ingredients (that I could easily pronounce and spell), I was sold. I had to try it, and now, I must share it.

How To Create DIY Citrus-Scented Vinegar Cleaner2021-11-14T15:33:50+08:00
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